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Okay so this is a page for the rules of applying to this collaboration. Please read before sending me, Fire Glaceon, a PM.



Only 2 Characters per Author Please. Preferably 1 girl, 1 boy. Later on, I will add maybe one more.



I'd like the Vocaloid to have accessories close to the actual Vocaloids. Kinda like the Uniform of the school.

They include:

*The Headset

*The Belt

Doesn't matter where they are, as long as the character is wearing it. The belt can be on their head and I won't care, just as long as they have it.



Have the Reference made like this:



Specialty Genre: (Pop, Electro, etc.)

Teacher: (You may choose any, but just one.)



Extra Notes (Quick Info and some other Tidbits.)

That's the basic things I need to have on the character. If you would like to add other things like: (Likes and Dislikes, Favorite Songs, etc.) I'm fine on that. But please include the things I listed here for your character.



Have fun!

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